The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires


Tim Wu’s “The Master Switch: The Rise And Fall Of Information Empires” focuses on the development of the communication industry within the United States. 

All of our information and media comes from one service, so imagine if one super company monopolized it and restricted the media that we were allowed to receive.



So what? Do u have a Solutions?

The Divide is ever evolves and changes, we can better address the underlying causes and provide resources to every  one no matter of ethnicity, geography or socio-economic status.

States also need to invest in broadband infrastructure to bring broadband services to rural households. Companies like Comcast could provide mobile labs that could visit communities in the same way bookmobiles used to travel the country.

More division coming some to your favorite sites Net Neutrality


Understanding the Digital Divide

The term digital divide, the fact that the world can be divided into people who do and people who don’t have access to and the capability to use, modern information technology, such as the telephone, television, or the Internet.

There has always been a divides in humanity, from tribe, cultures, gender, political, and wealth. Digital is just a new way to separate for one another.

Pew study, for minorities, the new digital divide reported that 51 percent of Hispanics, 46 percent of African Americans, and only 33 percent of whites used their phones to access the Internet. The divide has shifted from an access issue to a kind of access divide. You can’t fill out a job application through a cell phone or update your résumé on a game console.