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PRODUCER: Kathleen Heffernan

GoldMosh2 kit

GoldMosh is a family of applications to make datamoshing as easy, intuitive, and available as possible for both artists and the general public.

-Download and glitch videos directly from YouTube 
-Record and export glitches in real-time (safe for web upload) 
-“Bloom” feature 
-Create loops 
-Signature “slow mosh” effect 
-Random play moshing

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White cube/ Unity Web Player

White cube/ Unity Web Player

Enter the glitch gallery and explore the various exhibition pieces. But as you are drawn into its winding corridors, the glitches begin to leak out. The gallery itself transforms into a huge glitch until it penetrates all space and eats its visitors who become part of the exhibition in the process. White Cube inside out was inspired by Brian O’Doherty’s Inside The White Cube and the work of Yves Klein.